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Action House

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Located on Action Ave in Napa, CA, our multifunctional venue offers a comfortable space for up to 50 guests with a state-of-the-art DJ/PA system, projector, and seating arrangements. Create unforgettable moments with the perfect ambiance for any occasion. Book now!

Book the Action House!

Located in the vibrant heart of Downtown Napa, our facility fosters open and friendly interactions, making it the perfect space to connect and collaborate.

Open for All

Whether you’re joining one of our in-house mixers or renting the space for your private event, Action House provides a warm, inviting atmosphere that encourages open dialogue and productive networking.

Location Advantage

Situated on the bustling Action Avenue, we’re just a short stroll from downtown Napa. With a brewery and winery right on the same street, you can offer your guests a true taste of Napa’s rich culture, adding to the appeal of your event.


Action House is equipped with modern amenities including a projector, PA system, comfortable seating, and brilliant lighting, all designed to support and enhance your networking experience. Plus, with our flexible operating hours, we can accommodate your event timing needs.

The Perfect Mixer Venue

Our space is expertly designed for mixers. With a spacious, open layout, it allows for easy movement and interaction, fostering an environment of inclusivity and collaboration. Whether you’re hosting speed networking sessions, showcasing local clubs, or planning a themed mixer, Action House is the ideal setting.

Business Meetings & More

Our venue isn’t just for mixers. It’s also a prime choice for business meetings, pop-up events, and media gatherings. The flexible layout can be transformed to suit presentations, round-table discussions, and even webinars or live video sessions.

Experience the difference of networking at Action House, where we’re all about connecting people and creating memorable experiences.