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Discover Napa’s hidden gem for gatherings that are both unforgettable and surprisingly affordable! Tucked in a vibrant cul-de-sac near St. Claire Brown Winery and Tannery Bend Brewery, our dynamic warehouse space provides an ideal setting for intimate events. A mere stroll from Downtown Napa’s renowned restaurants and shops, it’s a top choice for birthday celebrations, private mixers, and meetups, or as a chic starting point for a night out in the town. Connect with us to make your next occasion a memorable, yet cost-effective, experience!

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The Details

Location Advantage

Situated on the bustling Action Avenue, we’re just a short stroll from downtown Napa. With a brewery and winery right on the same street, you can offer your guests a true taste of Napa’s rich culture, adding to the appeal of your event.


Action House is equipped with modern amenities including a projector, PA system, comfortable seating, and brilliant lighting, all designed to support and enhance your networking experience. Plus, with our flexible operating hours, we can accommodate your event timing needs.

The Perfect Mixer Venue

Our space is expertly designed for mixers. With a spacious, open layout, it allows for easy movement and interaction, fostering an environment of inclusivity and collaboration. Whether you’re hosting speed networking sessions, showcasing local clubs, or planning a themed mixer, Action House is the ideal setting.

Business Meetings & More

Our venue isn’t just for mixers. It’s also a prime choice for business meetings, pop-up events, and media gatherings. The flexible layout can be transformed to suit presentations, round-table discussions, and even webinars or live video sessions.

Experience the difference of networking at Action House, where we’re all about connecting people and creating memorable experiences.


Tables & Chairs

  • 8 ft table with black linen
  • 6 ft table with black linen
  • 3 ft round top & black linen
  • 24 chairs

Sound System

  • Pro audio sound system. 
  • Mic & stand avail.

Private Bathroom

Projector & Screen

DJ Services Available

Enhance your event with the perfect soundtrack. Our professional DJ services are here to set the mood and elevate your gathering. Whether it’s lively beats for a party or subtle tunes for a mixer, we’ve got your music needs covered. 

DJ Services